Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loaded for Bear with Dale's Pale Ale

Not sure how it happened, when exactly it happened and who was responsible, but someone introduced me to Dale’s Pale Ale. This has become a mainstay in the garage fridge for years, but it wasn’t always this way. Before fate got us together, I spent many years drinking CBLs and tequila shots. Between my honeymoon and my kids getting to be a little older, I didn’t drink all that much. Of course there was over indulgence at crazy parties, celebrations, holidays, etc... but that was pretty much limited to Jose’, CBLs and even Clos du Bois. Only on “special” occasions did I drink “fancy” offerings such as Patron, Michelob Ultra and Yuengling. No offense to America’s oldest brewery but I didn’t know what the “f” I was talking about. I had no clue. Previously, beer had been a rite of passage for me. From grabbing chugs of my dad’s Budweiser and Milwaukee’s Best, as a kid, when we would fish for mullet at Wakulla Beach to keg stands and stanky red solo cups in college, I WOULD drink me some beer.  But I’ll have to admit I never quite liked it. It was kind of a nut-up type of a thing. You know… we going out... bottoms up

Freshly poured Dale's Pale Ale in a Dirt Rag Magazine Pint Glass
So there I was occasionally drinking, not knowing it was crappy beer, and making fun of DBs and their fancy beers. All of sudden I’m introduced to this cool beer company. They’re from ColoRADo . Their cans are cool. They like bikes. They are Oscar Blues Brewery and different than most – they CAN their fancy beer. Then…I taste this Huge Voluminously Hopped Mutha of a Pale Ale and realize I’M the Delta Bravo. This beer has TASTE! It bites you up front but the afterhop has you thirsting for more. It’s not over-the-top hopped. Just enough bite (tangy bitterness) to keep you coming back for more. This is NOT a starter craft beer for most folks. You’ll want to work up to it. Maybe have one or two of your usuals as a mood setter (more on this in my next post) then try one of these on for size. While I’m working on refining my palate to become an expert, I can assure you the sissy-boy beer you drink has no taste compared to this one. 

Dale’s has become my everyday (night) beer. I can’t drink regular beer now because of Dale’s. This is the lowest on taste I will go. This is the beer that makes it OK to spend $10 or more on a six pack. That’s OK when you consider the beermath - with an ABV of 6.5, you’re drinking at more than time and a half (e.g. two Dale’s > 3 MickLites). Now that the Brevard, North Carolina plant is up and running, we southerners can bow-up about this beer with an All-American look and a taste that’s loaded for bear. If you get this far, comment on the Hops and Grinds blog, the beer or if you’re now motivated to get some Dale’s


  1. It's hard to believe that a year ago I did not like this beer (or any other Pale Ale or IPA for that matter). Now I'm not only drinking and loving this beer style, I curently have Deviant and G'Night (both from Oskar Blues) in my fridge now. All great stuff. I am hoping to visit their brewery in Brevard in October. Keep up the good reviews.

  2. As soon as you start regularly drinking diet cokes, I'll try one of these DB beers. Let me know when you need a review of CBL.

  3. This blog should be called "The Stale Cab" (as in wine). If you open a cab and just let it sit there for weeks it ain't no good to drink anymore. This teaser of a blog post gets one good post and then just sits there getting all stale.